OUT! a Radically Inclusive Beach Hostel by Wild & Wandering

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A Place for EVERYONE!

A hostel, just a few steps from the beach, for tolerant, friendly people from all walks of life, coming together to socialize and party! Home of PHOENIX Karaoke Bar - the only karaoke bar in Haad Rin!


OUT! a Radically Inclusive Hostel

by Wild & Wandering

Wild & Wandering has always attracted the BEST guests - kind and social and fun and accepting. So we wanted to open our arms to create a place for EVERYONE.

If you've ever felt different or out of place, we want you here.

We welcome without judgement people of any gender, orientation, sexuality, race, ethnicity, country, religion, age, or lifestyle. If you are kind to others, we would love to have you join our family for your time in Phangan!

The view from our lounge... rainbowed up a bit!

Our Story

After seeing NO LGBTQ presence at Full Moon Party, we started a meet-up at PINK - our famous party bar! With an overwhelming response, we launched a small, budget gay hostel. We quickly realized that we can't segregate people by sexuality, and we decided to upgrade EVERYTHING - our Room & Bed Quality, Inclusiveness, and LOCATION! New just off the beach, small dorms in the center of the party where we are open and accepting of everyone!

Backpacker Social Experience

We are part of the growing Backpacker Social Experience Group - a network of small businesses that treat travelers more like friends and families than customers and ATMs! Friendly, Comfortable, Clean, Good value, and Eco-Conscious - all our partners work hard to give you the more casual, social, fun and enjoyable experience for Full Moon Party & Haad Rin! If you need ANYTHING, let us know - we can help! We hope you'll join our huge pre-parties for Jungle Experience, Full Moon Party, and many more!

Meet friendly, social, tolerant, open people from all over the world!

Our Dorm Rooms & Shared Facilities

6-bedded dorm room
2-4 person dorm/private mini-room
6-bedded dorm room
Sinks in our shared bathrooms with a view!
6-bedded dorm room
Shared bathrooms with a view!
Our oceanview lounge!
Our seaview lounge!

Our People & PARTY!

Our Building and Neighborhood

Our front entrance
Panorama of our block-long building
Our lobby & reception
Our lobby & reception
The Phoenix: a Karaoke Bar by Wild & Wandering, located on the ground floor of our hotel!
Sunrise Beach Panorama, our building is visible in the far right, behind and above the orange building.

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