Hot Dogs & Tacos: a Perverted Pop-up by Wild & Wandering

It began as a joke and got out of hand quickly! When we realized we had become the biggest, most popular property at Full Moon Party, with hundreds of people and nothing to feed them, we thought back to this old graphic we made as a joke on Facebook. Hot dogs and tacos! What a funny, dirty euphemism...

But wait, why not?? We're all drinking and partying and we might not want to sit down for a complicated meal of noodles or soup. We need something we can eat with our hands! Proper drunk food! Tacos and hot dogs are both perfect for this.

So we partnered with a gourmet chef and our chief dirty punster, and created a menu full of delicious food with disgusting names! 

Hot dogs boiled in spices and juices and dark beer before being fried to be more flavorful than you've ever tried. Topped with a wealth of fresh ingredients to make the best hot dog you've ever had!

Tacos made with fresh meat and spices, and even a vegan option. Cooked fresh and tastes almost as good as the street tacos in Mexico!

We made sure to use quality materials but not expensive imported ingredients so that we can offer you delicious pool and bar snacks at a very reasonable price!

Order at the bar or reception or our kitchen. Online ordering coming soon!